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  • Property Brokerage & Management
  • Property Brokerage & Management

    Property Brokerage

    We take you through step by step from Property Search through Settlement.

    We fill the knowledge gap to secure fair transaction

    Property transaction requires you to proceed according to the local laws and business practices. Even the local citizens may face a knowledge gap when negotiating with professional sellers. In addition, overseas investors tend to be bewildered by the Japanese custom they are not familiar with.

    Whatever the investor’s nationality might be, LIFE Design are capable of liaising with all the parties concerned without your not having to worry about any potential knowledge gap.

    Of course, we will also try our best to honestly accommodate and reflect your needs on our property search and negotiation with the seller.

    Property Management

    LIFE Design gives you a full-fledged support of property management for your property.

    Tenant management

    • Finding a tenant for vacant unit/house
    • Looking after moving in/out and renewal
    • Complaint management

    Rental management

    • Rental collection
    • Delinquency management
    • Transfer to your account
    • Security deposit refund

    Building management

    • Regular cleaning
    • Facility inspection
    • Repair work when needed
    • Miscellaneous maintenance (e.g. changing bulbs)

    Taxes and dues

    • Tax agent role if requested
    • Payment of Property acquisition tax/ Property tax, Income tax, Consumption tax, etc.

    Liaison with professional services/ local authorities

    • Accountant, Lawyer, Contractor, Insurance agency, etc.
    • Tax office, local governments, etc.