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    Message from Representative

    The majority of our clients wish to own properties here because they like Japan. They see a brand in this country which has been nurtured by long, multifaceted histories and traditions.
    “Brand Japan” is what we value most and make best efforts to provide through our services.
    To this end, we dedicate ourselves to assist our clients with property transaction and management from their perspective. Confidence building and maintenance is what LIFE Design keeps in mind for day-to-day business operations because no transaction can be closed without their 100% trust in property agent like us.

    representative:Tadayuki Ikeda

    Tadayuki Ikeda,
    Representative Director,
    LIFE Design Co., Ltd.

    Company Profile

    Company Name LIFE Design Co., Ltd.
    Address Berg Akatsutsumi Sanban-kan, 1F East,
    2-43-12 Akatsutsumi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0044
    Tel +81 3 3328 7223
    Fax +81 3 3328 7208
    Representative Tadayuki Ikeda
    License Number Tokyo Metropolitan Governer (5) 74937
    Key Service Areas Property brokerage, property management, and other related areas