Realty Transaction

Local rules and customs may cause a headache to you. But LIFE Design takes you through step by step

In Japan the real estate agents who meet all the strict requirements and deposited a certain amount of money or have joined any of the guarantee associations are licensed by the government to conduct realty business.

Accordingly, all the transactions are protected by various local regulations and conducted in a fair manner.

The transaction flow is illustrated as follows:

Real Property Transaction Process in Japan (Purchase)


  • Confirmation of property criteria *1

Property search

  • Property selection
  • Information gathering
  • Visit to property sites and internal viewings


  • Submission of LOI to start negotiation with the seller

Contract signing

  • Offer accepted by the seller
  • Property sales contract sighed, 10% down payment, stamp duty and 1st half of agency fee

Final settlement/ Handover

  • Payment of the balance
  • Delivery of the property, keys, various original documents, etc.
  • Registration of ownership transfer *2
  • Payment for registration tax, professional fee for judicial scrivener, 2 nd half of agency fee, insurance, etc.

After Final Settlement…
LIFE Design is happy to assist you with

*1 : Please discuss with your bank BEFORE starting property search if you need mortgage arrangement.
*2 :You will be required to submit a copy of the resident certificate or an affidavit to prove the address described in the title deed.

The realty transaction above is subject to duty. We also provide the relevant information as well as advice.