LIFE Design’s New Edge: Qualified Player of NEW Property Auction Market

LIFE Design, the only qualified auction player with capability of liaising with overseas clients

LIFE Design is now entering a local property auction market which is starting up early next month. The market is exclusively open to the members of the local property auction association FKR which has been well known as a foreclosed properties champion.

The new market has nothing to do with auctions associated with foreclosed properties. It only aims to facilitate matching of sellers and buyers for general properties.

LIFE Design is a member of the association and the only qualified player who could liaise with non-resident property clients. We are now working with FKR trying to set up an scheme to have our overseas/ non-resident clients tap the market for low-priced properties.

Several appealing properties now listed for auction starting from the 1st of November

Some properties are already listed, and they are now accepting deposits from participants.

The photos below are for one of the properties on the list for the auctions starting from the 1st of November 2018 (auction period: 1st ~ 8th November).

Minimum auction price: JPY990,000 (Deposit: JPY90,000)

Location: Ito-shi, Shizuoka. Land: 176㎡, Building area: 63.76㎡, 2-floor wooden house

Check the following link for better ideal of the location:,139.058995,16z?hl=ja 

Carpark is also available.

Let’s get inside!


You can enjoy hot spring without additional arrangements or renovation works.


Nice view from the terrace!


You can check the detailed information on the following page:

Deposit is required but all will be refunded in case of unsuccessful bid

The minimum auction price is set JPY 990,000 for the property above, and in order to participate in the auction, you are required to make a deposit of JPY90,000 before making a bid. Deposit differs between properties on auctions.

In case of unsuccessful bid, all the deposited 90,000 yen is refunded to the bidder. And the final auction price will not be disclosed to any of the participants except the successful bidder.

But as you may be aware, JPY990,000 is the minimum bidding price NOT the final price of the property. Depending on the popularity of the property or level of competitive bids, it can be doubled, tripled or much higher. Please also bear in mind, transaction costs must be borne by the buyer as with the usual property transactions.

Unlike  foreclosed properties, after the auction, the deal process follows the conventional property transactions. And due to the nature of cash transactions, most of the listings are likely to be under 10 million yen.

More likely to see quality properties than in the auction for foreclosed ones

Final price can be determined much higher than the minimum bid. However, if you have watched the local property market for a while, you may have a sense of better cost-effectiveness in the properties listed on the new auction market. Unlike foreclosed properties which are often associated with lack of maintenance, those on the new auction market tend to be well-maintained.


If you are interested in the new property auction market, please feel free to contact us ( .