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/ House


JPY 8,300,000
4LDK / House


JPY 5,500,000
2DK / House


JPY 6,800,000
3SLDK / House


JPY 5,800,000.0-
4LDK + Storage space / House


JPY 8,200,000.0-
4LDK / House

Our strengths and unique initiatives

Licensed real estate broker with deep expertise and long-time experience

LIFE Designs is licensed by the local government to provide property brokerage and management services. We are also a member of the All Japan Real Estate Association along with the All Japan Real Estate Federation to secure clients’ fair and safe property transactions.


Inspection & Agent Services

Even if you are unavailable to come to Japan, our Inspection & Agent Services save your time and travel expense in a secure manner.

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Introduction of Staff

Increasingly, overseas’ attention is drawn to properties in Japan where long-term ownership is secured with minimum country risk and no restrictions specific to non-residents. Our listings cover not only commercial buildings in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka but also low-priced properties in local areas.

Tadayuki Ikeda

Representative Director
Certified Property Specialist / Certified Property Consulting Master


Our clients seek for comfort, hospitality, attention to details and sense of security in Japan properties. LIFE Design personalizes services finely tuned to their needs with expertise in the Japanese market and bilingual support. Feel free to stop by at LIFE Design for any question or issue about real estate in Japan.

Rie Koiwa

Certified Property Specialist / Certified Housing Loan Advisor / AFP


Visitors from overseas often refer to convenience offered in everyday life for one of the appeals of Japan: punctual public transportation, ubiquitous convenience stores, speedy and reliable postal services, etc. Convenience in Japan is likely to be enhanced for those visitors on the back of the national initiatives of globalization.

Hidemi Takeshita

Creative Director


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